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August 24, 2017

How To Maintain Marble

Marble is a beautiful addition to any home and can create an atmosphere filled with luxury. This material, however, can cause a few problems if not treated correctly. When properly upkept, marble is an impeccable way to give your home that extra touch to put it over the top. Here are some tips on how to maintain marble long-term.

Using Sponges And Soft Cloths

By using sponges and soft cloths, you can avoid any marking on your marble surface. This will ensure that your countertops and/or flooring will not be dulled or have scratches on them. You can also use a vacuum to pick up any debris, but it is recommended to do this as little as possible, as vacuums sometimes have hard, sharper edges, that can easily scratch the marble. If you do choose to use a vacuum, make sure to put the wheels on properly, and make sure they are working, to ensure that no unintentional scratches are created.

Use Coasters And Cutting Boards

This is very important because if you do not use a coaster and leave a drink on a countertop, there is a chance that the condensation will stain the marble. This is easily avoided by using coasters. On a similar note, when cutting anything, make sure to use a cutting board. If not done, this can damage your marble is two different ways. The knife used to cut the fruits, vegetables, meat, etc., can scratch the countertop surface. Alongside that, if you are cutting a food that is high in acidity (lemons, tomatoes, etc.), the acid can dull the surface of the marble, by cutting through the seal. This is something not many people normally think of, but that can make a huge difference.

Cleaning Up Excess Water

This is a big point to make, because you can clean the surface of marble as much as you would like, but if you don’t clean up the excess water from mopping and/or handwashing the surface, there will be water staining everywhere. By wiping the excess water from the surface, you can have a perfectly clean marble, while also avoiding any water marks. On that note, most water is dragged into a home via the feet of homeowners and visitors, so making sure you have a doormat will help to avoid this. Although it is unavoidable sometimes, you can take some measures to try to prevent this.

Maintaining marble is all about being preventative and making sure you take care of things before they have the chance of happening. By placing doormats right inside the door, as well as using coasters, cutting boards, and cleaning surfaces with soft cloths or sponges, you can avoid dulling, or potentially scratching that beautiful marble. To learn more about marble, feel free to contact us, or call us today at (617) 389-1130.

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