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September 25, 2017

What Is Granite?

In modern times, we think of granite as being utilized for countertops during a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, but where does this material come from and what are its origins? Let’s take a look into the basics of granite.

What Is Granite?

Granite is a common igneous rock that forms when quartz and feldspar shoot out of volcanoes. The word “granite” actually comes from the Latin word “granum”. The word “granum” translated into English means grain, or seed, which makes a lot of sense in this case. When this material forms, it is formed as a hot liquid stone and the result of that is very different from other types of rocks, including sedimentary rocks. The molecules become all mixed up and created a spotted and non-consistent appearance. This is very different from sedimentary rocks because sedimentary rocks form in a layered fashion, which creates a relatively consistent look in each layer.

The upside to this material is that it always looks unique in that no two pieces look the same. While it is a spotted look, it can also be a lot of unique colors. Depending on the mineralogy of the material, granite can have the appearance of being white, pink, gray and even black. This is truly an aesthetically pleasing piece that any home would benefit from having.

What Are The Uses Of Granite?

Granite is an extremely hard stone. Back in ancient Egyptian times, it was often used to carve statues of the pharaohs. While this is possible, it is extremely difficult to carve statues from a block of this material, let alone cut the block to carve the statue from. Because of this, granite was moved away from, and marble became the carving stone of choice. Nowadays, granite is used for interior design purposes, including countertops, in both bathrooms and kitchens.

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