Do you have samples to look at? 

  • We have many samples in our showroom of natural stone and have full sets of most of the Quartz lines. We also have a factory filled with a rotating inventory of full slabs.

What is the difference between Marble and Granite?

  • Marble is generally a softer, more porous stone vs. Granite, which is made of much harder minerals, like quartz and feldspar. Marble usually has a creamier appearance, while Granite’s appearance is granular. 

Does Marble cost more than other stones?

  • Some Marbles can be comparable to the cost of Granite and other stone. While every stone category has their own pricing structure, Marble and Granite can be the same cost, depending on the specific color selection. Some Marble choices can be very pricey, while most Granite choices tend to stay within a smaller range. 

Marble stains, right?

  • All stones are susceptible to staining. Once sealed, Marble will resist most stains, if agent is cleaned up quickly. Anything left for a longer period of time can stain or etch Marble.

Can I see the Whole Slab of Stone?

  • When certain stones that may have a pattern or vein direction to them, we strongly suggest our clients see the full slab and select the veins or part of the slab they like most, before cutting.

Can I have my leftovers? 

  • In the case where a customer has selected their personal slabs, the leftover material will be saved for any future projects that may be coming up for them. If the customer has no future projects and would like to keep the leftovers, we encourage them to do so. 


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