If you ask any real estate agent, “what room should I invest in my home?” they will all probably say the same thing, your kitchen. Many home buyers value their kitchen over other rooms in their home because they will spend the most time in their kitchen for the course of their time owning their home.  A well-planned kitchen remodeling can add a significant amount value to your home. Typically,  kitchen renovation includes new countertops, lights, custom cabinets, and appliances, but today we are going to look at countertops

One of the best ways to ensure to you maximize your return on kitchen remodeling investment is by using granite as the material for your countertops.  Using granite for your kitchen countertops gives your home an elegant and earthy look. Even if you consider your home modest, upgrading your basic countertop material to granite will increase your home’s value.

In a statement by Mary Lou Currier, a senior vice president at the real estate broker Bond New York –

“Granite or marble countertops will make a home more appealing to buyers than will older countertops made from materials like laminate or wood. “They do add value, most definitely,” and by investing in granite countertops for your kitchen before putting it on the market is crucial.

An important factor to remember when upgrading your kitchen countertops to granite is to upgrade your appliances as well.  One the obvious choices to match your granite countertops are stainless steel appliances because of the matching modern style. If you have extra room in your budget, consider painting your kitchen walls with a matching color to bring your whole kitchen together.

Granite countertops are an indicator of a good quality home, and investors will consider your home worth investing in. So let your kitchen countertops be the star of the show in your home!! Take a look at our some of our work  to get an idea of  for your next kitchen remodeling.

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