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January 30, 2020

Granite VS. Quartz

Our clients often ask, ” Which is better, Granite or Quartz? “

There are a few factors that play into the answer; budget, durability and color options are the most notable. 

When a client is looking for a specific color choice such as Pure White, that perfect shade of Gray or maybe something with a mirror fleck included, Quartz will have what you’re looking for 100% of the time. Quartz also offers a wide range of “marble” designs, in place of the real deal. If you really enjoy the feel of real stone, the imperfections and uniqueness of each slab, Granite is your choice here.

The cost for most Quartz lines tends to be slightly more than most Granite options. There are 100’s of Granites that will be less than a basic Quartz color. 

In regard to durability; Granite will be heat proof ( for any kitchen application), and virtually stain proof. In addition to its natural stain resistant qualities,  we use a fantastic sealer, called Dry Treat Stain Proof. This is applied to all natural stone that leaves our factory and lasts for several years, without the need for reapplication. Quartz is also extremely durable and will be very stain resistant (almost stain-proof). It does however have some heat limitations. Taking a very hot pan and placing it directly onto a Quartz surface may damage the countertop. 

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