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February 13, 2020

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a….crane?

I realize by writing this, I may scare off some folks from using stone in their home altogether. I do however feel it’s prudent to set realistic goals and expectations. 

If you used a crane to hoist a couch or large piece of furniture into your home (I see you North End and Beacon Hill!), chances are you can expect the same when installing a kitchen island or other large pieces of stone. A kitchen island or one-piece tub surround may be the same dimensions as that Chesterfield and can weigh twice as much! Turning the tight corners of a 3rd floor walkup or squeezing into a tiny elevator might not be an option. 

Imagine this, you just stopped at Modern for your weekly cannoli, you step onto the sidewalk, and look up to see a 1,000lb marble island top dangling over your head… little scary right?? Well, in reality that would never happen. When hoisting anything by crane, the sidewalk is closed, police detail is present and permits have been pulled. This looks like a nail-biting situation from a distance, but Colonial Marble has a TON (no pun intended) of experience in just this situation. 

We never take safety lightly (pun intended). We ensure every single minute of the hoisting process is accounted for, and tactfully planned out. Only employees who have been trained and whom have experience in the hoisting process are allowed on site. Belts rated for weight are used for lifting, then pieces are carefully pulled in through windows or placed on scaffolding for moving into place.

Hoisting anything adds cost and time to a delivery/installation but is totally worth it, if you ask us!




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