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May 9, 2019

Demystifying Soapstone

Everyone knows someone who’s had “that old Soapstone sink” in their laundry room or utility space. If you have experienced a high school chemistry class you’ve already used it as work surface.

Soapstone is one material that has flown under the radar for more than a century. It’s understated beauty and classic color range is finally being celebrated. When you’re looking for something with a little muscle and lots of New England character, Soapstone is where it’s at!

Soapstone stays in the darker end of the color spectrum with it’s greys, greens and blacks. It can have loads of explosive vein patterns (Porto Alegre Soapstone) or no veining at all (Churchill Soapstone). Soapstone is non-porous which makes it’s very stain resistant, impervious to chemicals, acid and heat. Soapstone does not need, nor will it take a sealer.

We recommend several applications of Mineral Oil. Once the first application has evaporated, you can go for the second application and so on, until the stone has reached it darkest shade. The oil will not absorb into the stone, rather it helps to speed the oxidation of the stone. This can be applied by pouring the oil directly onto the stone and worked across the surface with a clean dry rag.
















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